Charterhouse - Charterhouse Square, London

Project: Charterhouse

Location: Charterhouse Square, London

Type: Restoration / re-enforcement of the existing ceilings / Three coat lime work on to oak riven laths

Description: We restored the mouldings in the Georgian, Grade II listed building. These residential town houses were built in 1697 and are now offices.  

A number of the mouldings had been damaged and some had lost their enrichment from years of paint. Some of the areas were new and required the moudlings to be reproduced to match the original decorative plasterwork and keep the integrity of the building, this is a method we call match-existing.

All mouldings were stripped of any paint to be bought back to the condition they would have been in, when they were first installed many years ago. As well as plasterwork being restored, this buildings ceilings needed surveying and inspection which is a service offered by us, after reinforcement. We proceeded to using the traditional method of Internal Lime Plastering (prick up coat, float coat and setting coat using traditional lime plaster). We were required to keep the original lathe and plaster damaged ceilings. We did this by supporting the ceilings from above and secure beneath with specialist washers, that were secured and made good.