Match Existing

A lot of the time when it comes to cornice, finding an exact match can prove to be tricky and almost impossible, this is where the use of “match existing” is required and we use traditional methods and materials (plaster of paris, hessian, laths).

We offer on site-meetings to discuss you’re project and the best steps to take. Frequently we make site visits before restoration work begins to take a squeeze (impression) of existing mouldings that may become damage or lost during large renovation projects, we use these impressions to make and produce an exact mould and cast of the plasterwork for reproduction and reinstatement.

Alternatively we do site visits to take impressions where damage or deterioration has occurred and affected the original mouldings, we follow the above process to restore the plasterwork. Another option for customers is to come directly to us at our workshop, with a section of the cornice or moulding you would like reproduced.