Meet the Keaneys Team

Phil Keaney


Phil Keaney founded the company and having had over 35 years experience in the fibrous plaster sector, has passed down a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Rorie and the other members of our team.

Rorie Keaney


Rorie joined the family business to continue Keaneys in years to come. Historic techniques have been passed down from father to son, master to apprentice to maintain an excellent reputation.

Maxine Keaney


Maxine is one of the vital cogs that keeps the machine that is Keaney's running so well, she is the friendly voice you will most likely hear on the phone and who handles the day to day running of the business.

Oliver Moggridge


Oliver joined Keaneys in 2015. He has a wide range of industry experience and is an excellent foreman for the company, and known for his precision and consistency. Oliver is a Master-craftsman .

Lee Vowless


Lee completed his apprenticeship with us and has now worked for Keaneys for over 8 years. He is highly efficient in the workshop and on site. Reliable, highly commited and great with customers.

Eamonn Conroy


Eamonn has worked for Keaneys for over 20 years and is an expert fibrous plasterer. He produces incredibly sharp and consistently impressive work and we are him as part of our team.