Traditional Lime Plaster & Modern Plastering

Keaneys Ltd has undertaken multiple jobs that require the use of traditional lime plaster, three coat lime work onto laths in listed buildings although these options shouldn’t be considered solely for historical
buildings. As a material it can be more environmentally friendly than many modern products.

As plaster restoration and conservation experts – we restore, conserve and recreate your historic plaster installation, using our expertise in fibrous, lime and lath and plaster techniques.

In addition to traditional plastering we are experienced in modern plastering techniques. Our projects will often include solid plastering of walls and ceilings which are carried out in addition to our fibrous plastering.

• Survey & damage reports

• Lime plaster & Lath & plaster

• 3 coat lime work

• Skimming & Plasterboarding

• Reinforced ceilings from above & below

• Run in-situ