Bespoke Services

We produce cornice and mouldings working hand in hand with designers, architects and clients working from drawings, samples, measurements and specifications provided  to produce the desired finish. The proportions of you’re room and era of the building along with you’re own style, are all key elements in making the right decision, with our extensive experience we can offer the best advise in choosing cornices and mouldings which are sympathetic to the buildings period.

We look forward to ndertaking any challenge you require for restoring and reproducing the unusual and unique. We can also enhance you’re cornice or mouldings by adding an additional members or if you have a ceiling rose, we can add an additional surround to elevate the feature. This is where panelled moulding can really come into its own, allowing for wall features (see pictures) to be created.

Our specialists customised work and artistic design process allows us to bring our customers vision to life.