The Groucho Club - 45 Dean St, Soho, London

Project: The Groucho Club

Location: 45 Dean St, Soho, London

Type: Restoration, Impressions, moulds made, installed new cornice.

Description: The Groucho Club is a private members club created mostly by women in the heart of bohemian Soho based in Soho, London. Created in the 1980’s by a group of mostly women publishers as an antidote to the stuffy gentlemen’s clubs, The Groucho Club remains a bastion and refuge for arts, literature and media folk in the bohemian heart of London’s West End. We were very pleased to undertake the restoration of this prestigious London club’s decorative plasterwork and its various intricate enrichments, as well as restore, we also installed new cornice and match existing work to bring this building back to the spectacular condition it was once in.