Restoration & Repair Services

Our restoration services may be needed due to numerous factors, such as having a chimney breast removed,
water damage, having an extension built and removal and reinstatement of walls.

Restoring plasterwork and ceilings in historic listed buildings is one of our great passions and specialities, working closely with restoration experts and architects to keep the integrity of each project, making sure our work is authentic.

When we work on securing ceilings, we can use different approaches, ie from above or below.  If the ornate ceiling is unstable and the key is broken we can back up the ceiling from above. If the chosen method is to re secure from beneath we use specialised washers at intervals, secured into the lathes and then the surface is made good using plaster for a seamless finish.

We use a range of high quality gypsum plaster, hessian canvas and laths to hand craft our extensive range of period mouldings, we have a raditional workshop employing traditional methods to produce products the same way they would have been produced them hundreds of years ago.

We can save and restore cornices and plaster mouldings that  have lost their definition through
layers of paint applied over the years. We provide a service to
professionally  remove this paint using a material that weakens the paint and allows for removal, this is a popular alternative to replacing the cornice as it allows the existing period cornice to remain in place. This restores the riginal clarity and enrichments.

• Safety & damage reports

• Traditional methods and materials

• Restoring original mouldings

• Reinstatement service

• Removal and replacement of damaged laths

• Reinforcing/supporting ceilings from above or below

• Water damage repair to ceilings and mouldings