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Tel : 0208 660 1538



Our Team

Meet some of our team.

Phil Keaney


Boasting over 35 years, Phil is the most experienced master craftsman at the company and founder of the company. Phil completed a 5 year apprenticeship and has an excellent all round knowledge of  fibrous plastering, including producing work in a workshop, installing on site, external and internal plastering finishes.

Rorie Keaney


Rorie joined the family business to continue Keaneys in years to come. Historic techniques have been passed down from father to son, master to apprentice to maintain an excellent reputation. Has a well rounded understanding of the fibrous plastering trade, Rorie’s focus with every job is to achieve a great end result and customer satisfaction.

Maxine Keaney


Maxine is one of the vital cogs that keeps the machine that is Keaney's running so well ,she is the friendly voice you will most likely hear on the phone and who handles the day to day running of the business.

Oliver Moggridge

Oliver joined Keaneys in 2015. He has around 15 years experience and is an excellent foreman. Not only does his attention to detail continuously impress us and customers, he has quickly become known for his precision in the shop and consistency. Master-craftsmen is a great way to describe Oliver.

Lee Vowles

Lee successfully completed his apprenticeship with us and has now worked for Keaneys for over 8 years. Lee started in the workshop for 3 years and has been installing on site for over 5 years. He is highly efficient in the workshop and on site. Always reliable and great with customers.

Eamonn Conroy

Eamonn has worked for Keaneys for around 20 years and is an expert fibrous plasterer. Not only does he produce incredibly sharp and consistently impressive work, he is a clean worker and has worked on most of our most prestigious jobs. We are honoured to have him as part of our team.